Do you do parties at Gamer X Huddersfield?

Yes, we offer unforgettable parties unlike any other. With our fantastic amenities you’re guaranteed to create lasting memories for your child or group. We accommodate all ages and budgets. Visit our parties page for details and craft a bespoke, stress-free party experience.

Can you hire out the Gamer X venue?

Most of our venues offer full venue hire, you can find out more on what your closest venue offers by heading over to our party package page. Please note, that full venue hire is subject to location.

How do I book for a large group? 

You can create a booking for up to 20 players for any standard booking via the Book Now button at your chosen venue. Please note, that larger bookings, it is subject to venue availability.

Can I bring external food into the venue?

At this moment, we kindly request that no outside food be brought into our venues. We understand the importance of celebrating with a birthday cake! If you’re planning to bring one, please reach out to your venue, and we’ll explore the possibility of accommodating this special treat.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes, we certainly do. Here at GAMER X, we try and make sure we can accommodate anyone who want to join us. We have an accessible entrances, lifts as well as dedicated disabled toilets.